Listen To This First

Listen To This First is my offering for anyone who may enjoy simple, uncomplicated and brief guided meditations & discussions for stress resilience. Professionally, I am a clinical social worker, a mindfulness meditation teacher and someone who cares deeply about people having access to what they need for their sense of wellbeing. I started this podcast in response to requests from friends, colleagues, caregivers and my own children (both teenagers) during the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. No one has been untouched by the impact and, if we are among the fortunate, we are simply being asked to remain home and maintain (physical) social distance. I am presently well and humbled to have something to offer which may be helpful for those (including myself) who are experiencing waves of anxiety and other challenging feelings. I have a long time personal mediation practice and I suspect this keeps me sane. While I'll never be certain how I would function without this practice, I do know mindfulness & mindfulness meditation help me stay healthier, kinder and more responsive to life and the people around me. I like to assume we are all doing the best we can. So, maybe listen to this first and see what you notice. If my voice and any of my experiences, or the experiences of others I talk with & interview, help guide you to a closer, calmer and more compassionate experience of yourself and life in the moment, well... that would be terrific.
Together, we will get better at this. Life. Being human.
And for me, how to podcast.
Thank you for your trust. ~Laura